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Course Information

Fashion Sewing School is a unique school.  Here are school policies and course information.


* No refunds or transfers

* Must be 18 years or older.

* Make up classes are by request & availability. Make up classes are $70 per three hour sewing session.

* Group, family, & friend classes are available by request and availability.

Class Structure & Projects

Core classes (Elementary, Mid-level, and Fine Sewing) have topic & review, sample work, and at the end students do a course project.  All classes have a written course, printed sample patterns, and use step-by-step sample books for visual instruction.

Students will choose a project with instructor guidance.

* Class environment is well lit and tidy.

* All classes have 3-6 students per class.

* Students are welcome to enroll with family and friends.

* For detailed course review contact Sophie directly.

* Shopping trips are required for most classes.

Project Based Classes


Fashion Sewing School currently offers classes from Sunday through Wednesday. Core and specialty classes will run with 3-6 enrolled students. Cancelled classes will reschedule when there are enough students that enroll.

Call list: Student will receive a call for the desired classes when there is an opening. To be on the call list, please contact Sophie directly.

Enrollment list- Students move from the call list to the enrollment list. The enrollment list requires $50 non-refundable deposit from the student to schedule a class. Once student has been enrolled in a course, student will receive an email document with detailed information with preparations before taking the course.  

Class schedules are determined on enrollment rates.

Make Up Classes

Make up classes are scheduled in open time with 2 or more students and by availability.  Make up classes are not the same quality as course class, but are available to help students keep on track with course. Students can only claim two makeup classes per course.


$70 per class // 3 Hour Session

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