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Chanel-Inspired Jacket Making (Part 1)

Chanel inspired “Sophie” Jacket

    Ready to wear tweed jacket


By Sophie St. Claire

 Sewing instructor, designer, dressmaker & tailor

Project: Black tweed wool princess line jacket with sandwich salvage trim application. Jacket is 3 button front closure with 1 inch diamond looking buttons with two button vent. Jacket is lined with black & white stripe satin and has notched collar, patch pockets with applied chain on inside of hem. 

My experience with making and wearing the “Sophie” jacket

Research & Inspiration

My favorite places to research the most modern looks are Pinterest and These sites are the easiest see cut & grain lines, sewing details, and the inside of the jackets. One can also see detailed fabric textures and gauge weave of tweed. Once I have found my fantasy look, I start figuring a commercial pattern that’s easy to modify for the desired cut line. Next I research the fabric. After getting the fabric I research and figure the trim. I love making trims and exploring how to make them. After I have figured the trim I research complimentary button styles. Once I have completed my project plan and have all my materials, then and only then do I get into making a muslin fitting shell.


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