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Class Schedule

Class Schedule for 2023 | Check Back Frequently for Updates!

At Fashion Sewing School, courses are scheduled by interest.  If you want to take a class that isn't listed below, please email me!  I can put you on a contact list for when the elementary sewing becomes available! Don't wait to enroll, classes fill up fast! To enroll Sophie needs  your phone and email address information. After students have taken the elementary sewing class they can request to be on the contact list for all the other offered classes at Fashion sewing school.  Elementary sewing class is only advertised on the website and  some times social media. There is no system to enroll for a class on this website, you must contact Sophie directly to enroll.  Looking forward to your sewing future.
Elementary Sewing Class
Tuesday 6 - 9 pm
Oct. 24 to Dec. 26
* All elementary sewing classes are 8 weeks, $600  with two payments of ($300)
Note:  Elementary Sewing is a pre-requisite for all classes.
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