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What should I bring to class?

The studio is fully stocked with all the tools necessary for learning. There is no need to bring a sewing machine or tools!


Are there any requirements for class?

For the best class experience, we do not use indie patterns (i.e. patterns you might find on Etsy), students should fit commercial sizing, and students must be proficient in English. All students must be 18 or older.


What are the studio and classes like?

The class environment is well-lit and tidy with machines and cutting tables. Each class has only 3-4 students to ensure individualized attention. Shopping trips are required for most classes and Sophie will let you know when these will take place. For a detailed course review contact Sophie directly.

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​General Policies
  • No refunds or transfers

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Classes are only offered in English


Make-up Classes

Make-up classes are offered during open-time sessions that have 3-4 enrolled students and by request and availability. Make-up classes are not the same quality as course classes but are available to help students keep on track with the course. Students can only claim 2 makeup classes per course.


$70 per 3-hour session

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