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Core Classes

This collection of three classes is designed to train students in how to construct clothing properly for wearing and is foundational for the specialty courses. Core classes include sewing topics and review, sample work, and a finished garment project at the end.  All classes have a written course, printed sample patterns, and use step-by-step sample books for visual instruction.

Each course is 8-10 weeks and each class session is 3 hours.


Elementary Sewing

Elementary Sewing is designed to teach basic sewing skills and clothing construction. This class includes a combination of sample work and creating a finished garment. Perfect for both new beginners who have never touched a sewing machine and those who have dabbled in sewing before. 


Skills taught include:

  • Use of sewing machines, sewing aids, and equipment

  • Basic knowledge of fibers and fabric

  • Measuring and size calculation

  • Patterns and cutting

  • Fundamentals of seams and finishes

  • Basic construction techniques

  • Garment construction sequencing


Course length: 8 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Note: Elementary Sewing is required for all other classes.


Helpful links to prepare for Elementary Sewing



Mid-Level Sewing

Intermediate students will further their construction techniques through a combination of skill-building sample work and a finished garment. 


Skills taught include:

  • Pressing

  • Lapped zip

  • Various seam pockets

  • Proper easing

  • Garment fit with a muslin shell


Course length: 10 weeks

Prerequisites: Elementary Sewing


Fine Sewing

Fine Sewing explores advanced sewing techniques to produce a wool or wool blend coat. These skills are taught through a combination of finished garments and sample work. 


Skills taught include:

  • Inter-construction

  • Minor patterning

  • Lining application

  • Welt pocket

  • Bound buttonhole

  • Fitting a muslin


Course length: 10 weeks

Prerequisites: Elementary and Mid-Level Sewing

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